Amazing Mobile App From DC Learning

Mobile App Features

Live Classes

The option of Live Classes is available on the DC Learning app. Where Teachers and Students can seamlessly connect with each other.


Assignments are available for the students. Teachers can create assignments and students can submit them online.


School can assign circulars with a click of a button for all of the students. Students can be updated at any second of time.

Gallery System

Gallery is avaiable for the students. where teachers can upload the essential images and students can access it.

Leave System

Leave system is easily avaiable for both teachers and students. They can apply for leave at any time easily, With less hassle.

Exam Management

The option to conduct online exams is available. Where teachers can conduct exams, assess them and give the results to the students.


Students can submit their fees online for their respective courses at any time easily within their comfort. No need to stand in long queue's.


School can send Notifications to the students at any given time easily, So that Students are aware of all the events.


Teachers can assign homework to the students and Students can also submit their homework to the the teachers easily.

Study Material

The Entire syllabus of the academic year is available online for the students. To plan accordingly

Download Feature

Download option to download lectures and study material and save them offline.

One App One Login

One Login allowed per user. So that, it cannot be used simultaneously to avoid complexity and maintain security.

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